This is an exhilarating time for pickleball! There are some exciting new initiatives in the pickleball community to further the sport, and Pickleball Channel went straight to the source to find out more. In this news update, hear about the new USAPA Juniors program that was launched this year at Nationals VIII. Hear directly from the program coordinator as he talks about the inspiring goals of the USAPA to broaden the sport by adding younger players and empowering groups to develop juniors programs and take pickleball to a whole new level!

To find out more about this new initiative you can write directly to the USAPA at

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pickleball-youth-media-day-usopc-2016-pbcTake a look at these kids trying out pickleball with some great pickleball players.  This all took place on Media Day during the US Open Pickleball Championships with the local elementary school that is right next door.  So exciting to spread the love of pickleball to the youth! Watch Local Students Play with PB Champs at USOPC.

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  1. A wonderful video. As a former teacher, I think it’s exciting to bring the kids into the game but many of the players are afraid the kids will take over the courts that we have now. I have found that the county is willing to do a lot for the youth, and they should be, so perhaps more interest= more pickleball courts. I really believe that is what will happen. Keep us posted.
    Linda Scott, Richmond Va

  2. I am in my third year of pushing pball in the North Dallas area and am glad to see this push to involve juniors. I subbed in for a PE teacher at my elementary school and taught pball to all but the K grade for a week. Had thirty kids beating the ball around….(nobody sitting watching) and they LOVED IT! This is a game the youngest can play. As a result, we have an outdoor court at the school waiting for more players. Keep up the good work, guys!

  3. I am trying to find articles on youth pickleball and was wondering if folks here know of any?? I did a search but didn’t find much. Is there a news article about the video above? Thanks in advance.

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