The ground breaking 1973 Battle of the Sexes between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs has inspired a PICKLEBALL Battle of the Sexes.  #1 singles players Scott Moore and Simone Jardim go head to head in a historic battle held at the Bobby Riggs Tennis Club and Museum in Encinitas, CA. Not only is this a unique pro vs pro pickleball Battle of the Sexes, it is also a part of a larger event for charity and will be televised live on Pay Per View. Learn more in this pickleball news update.

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hqdefault2Learn about another exciting event. Team North America competes against Team Europe on a global stage in Madrid, Spain on September 15th. The inaugural Bainbridge Cup is hosted by the International Federation of Pickleball. This ground-breaking tournament is the first of its kind and will feature a unique point structure that includes all ages and skill levels. Hear from IFP president, Mike Hess, as he talks about the tournament’s distinctive format and their goal to expand pickleball internationally for years to come. Watch a Pickleball News update about the Bainbridge Cup today.

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