Hear from the winners of the first ever PPF Desert Championships Pro Men’s Doubles Gold Medal.  Aspen Kern and Callan Dawson fought to three games against their opponents Kyle Yates and Kurtis Campbell in the hot desert sun, finally taking the gold after a fun game. Rusty from Pickleball Channel was able to catch them right after the match and hear first hand an important part of their strategy. Hear from the winners as they go into detail about how they used their strengths to their advantage, and then get some great practical advice about what to focus on during practice sessions.

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pickleball_mens_doubles_ppf_pbc_2Watch the entire match! In the hot desert sun, more than one match at the PPF Desert Championships went to three games! This Pro Men’s Doubles Gold Medal Match between Kyle Yates & Kurtis Campbell taking on Aspen Kern & Callan Dawson is no exception. This is an exciting game with a mix of patient dink sessions and fast and furious rallies. Ultimately, consistency and persistence win out especially in the second game when an amazing comeback ties the game up 10-10. But who will take the gold? Watch the Pro Men’s Doubles Gold Medal Match today.

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