The Seniors at USAPA Nationals this week were on fire! There was some tough competition and high energy play from the 60+ category during the 2017 USAPA Nationals Pickleball Tournament in Casa Grande, AZ. Check out this fun video showcasing these super seniors including slow motion footage and points played out completely uncut as they battle it out.

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Singles Nationals 2015 sideways smallCheck out this video of the action from USAPA Nationals VIII held LAST year in Casa Grande, Arizona. Pickleball Channel was excited to be there in the middle of it all to witness the amazing competition that has always set Nationals apart.  Check out the great plays, top players and super slow motion footage! Watch a Fantastic Look (Including Super Slow Motion!) at USAPA Nationals VIII today.

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  1. Are there any Super Senior turnments coming up in Arizona. How do I become a member of SSA?


  3. I would like to see some videos of all Gold Medal winners playing in the 2017 Casa Grande Tournament. Why do you appear to concentrate on the younger ages when the SSIPA stands for Super Seniors International PIckleball Association. I won a gold in the 75-79 age bracket for MXD and would like to see some videos of those games.

    Jack Warner

  4. Your videos seem to concentrate on the younger ages when SSIPA stands for Super Seniors International Pickleball Association. Can not find any videos for medal winners in the 75-80 and 80-84 age brackets.

    Jack Warner

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