You know, Top 10 just wasn’t enough! Here are eleven jaw-dropping points from the 19+ Men’s Doubles Gold Medal Match at USAPA Nationals VIII. Wes Gabrielsen and Kyle Yates take on Daniel Moore and Matt Staub in this epic battle that went to FOUR games! These are four of the best players in pickleball, and this match-up has it all – incredibly long rallies, ridiculous speed, and crazy switching side maneuvers. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

To break it down for you, this is how the games played out:
Game 1 Winner – Gabrielsen/Yates  11-5
Game 2 Winner – Moore/Staub  10-12
Game 3 Winner – Moore/Staub  6-11
Game 4 Winner – Gabrielsen/Yates 15-5

Wondering why this Gold Medal Match went to FOUR games? We know it can be a little confusing! The tournament format at USAPA Nationals is Double Elimination, which means that a loss of any kind puts the losing team into a lower bracket. The winners of that lower bracket (in this case Moore/Staub) play the winners of the top bracket (undefeated Gabrielsen/Yates) for the championships. If the team from the lower bracket wins two out of the three games played, then both teams now have one loss on their record.  A final tie-breaker match to 15 (sometimes called the 4th game) must be played!

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