Strategy played an important part in snagging the gold, and these ladies knew just how to run the game to get the win. Hear directly from Jennifer Lucore and Bonnie Williams as they talk about their win in the Women’s Doubles 50+ 5.0 gold medal match at Huntsman World Senior Games. They had to make some adjustments to how they were playing the game, and their smart play paid off in the end! Hear their advice in this great Winning Tip!

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gold_medal_pbc_Watch the entire gold medal match! Lobs, smashes, and that all-important slow game – this match has it all! Watch four top 5.0 players battle for the gold medal in this fun match from the Huntsman World Senior Games Pickleball Tournament last month. Bonnie Williams and Jennifer Lucore take on Mona Burnett and Helle Sparre in this spirited gold medal battle. You can almost see the strategy at play in this one.

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