Two Women’s Doubles partners and two Men’s Doubles partners shake it all up and play AGAINST one other. Who will win? Well, this match from Grand Canyon State Games goes to three games, and it’s a surprising roller coaster as the two teams battle it out. Check out the fireworks as Sarah Ansboury and Dave Weinbach play against their usual doubles partners, Christine McGrath and Kyle Yates, in the 19+ 5.0 Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Match from Grand Canyon State Games.

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pickleball_GCSG_2017_tip_brIs it easier or harder to play against a player you know very well? Hear from Sarah Ansboury and Dave Weinbach, winners of the 5.0 Mixed Doubles 19+ Gold Medal Match at Grand Canyon State Games, as they talk about playing against their usual doubles partners. Also hear from them about their great admiration for Grand Canyon State Games and the other players in the sport. The field is diverse and these two love the challenge! Watch their Winning Tip now!

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  1. The ref missed one. Weinbach had not “established ” himself and his foot was clearly on the nvz line.
    Great play by all players.

  2. Good call on the ref’s technical warning regarding Kyle’s hand and paddle flapping when no balls were being hit to him. At that level you already know not to sign up for mixed as a male if you’re not ready to do a lot of standing around. That spectacle was unsportsmanlike.

  3. Not surprised the ref called a warning on Kyle for distracting during a dink rally, but he also should’ve warn David for jumping and waving his paddle during the same rally.

  4. Steve, Sharp catch on seeing Weinbach not establishing but if you caught that, why didn’t you mention that the ref also missed the step on the nvz line by Yates when he jumped over the corner of the nvz to volley a winner at 31:50 with score 9-5 in the third game? It is tough to watch the line when play is this good.

  5. As the the other commenter said it is not easy to see everything but the ref clearly missed a blatant foot violation in the non volley area on Christine as Ansboury returned a net hitting dink at the 4:14 mark in game one.

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