What happens when two of the best teams in pickleball go head to head?  An incredible match that you don’t want to miss! Watch 5.0 doubles players Scott Moore and Wesley Gabrielsen as they challenge Brian Ashworth and Kyle Yates for the gold medal at the Grand Canyon State Games last month. These two teams are both out-of-this-world good and neither lets up on the gas as they play a passionate gold medal match, culminating in a tie-breaker game you’ve got to watch! You don’t want to miss this display of skill, determination and power from all four players!

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pickleball-christine-mcgrath-gcsg-2016Check out another great match from the Grand Canyon State Games.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you watch amazing 5.0 doubles players Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner take on Corrine Carr and Christine McGrath for gold at the Grand Canyon State Games last month. The two teams match each other hit for hit and point for point with some incredibly long rallies that are just jaw-dropping! Watch Gold 5.0 Women’s Doubles Match – Grand Canyon State Games 2016 today!

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  1. Where are grand canyon state games held?

    • Hi James, The Grand Canyon State Games are held in El Mirage, AZ which is part of the larger metro area of Phoenix in the northwest region. They are usually held at the Pueblo El Mirage RV & Golf Resort. Have fun playing and hope this helps.

  2. Great 5.0 Men’s match, thanks but have a couple,of questions:
    1. Why was the 3rd game to 15 if the same team won game 1&2?
    2. What was Kyle Yates issue with the kitchen call in the 3rd game?


    • Great question Jeff! The reason has to do with the brackets each team is coming from. Moore/Gabrielsen were coming from the loser’s bracket where they had lost one game. Ashworth/Yates were coming from the winner’s bracket and were undefeated. Moore/Gabrielsen won the first two matches resulting in Ashworth/Yates losing their first game of the day (best 2 out of 3). So the third game is actually a one match game that is a tie-breaker since both teams had one loss. Tie-breaker games go to 15. Hope this helps! Kyle Yates claimed it wasn’t a kitchen fault and didn’t like that Scott Moore called the kitchen fault before the referee called it. Eventually the referee declared it was a kitchen fault because Kyle’s momentum carried him into the kitchen.

  3. I thought the ball has to be below the waist when serving. The guy in the white paddletek shirt serving backhanded never lets the ball drop below his waist when serving. Is this a foul?

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