Watching Gold Medal matches are a great way to improve your game. Watching the best can sometimes make you the best. Check out this fun match-up between Gail Dacey & Glen Brower taking on Marylou Furaus & Bob Youngren in the 70+ Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Match at the Grand Canyon State Games.  These two teams work hard, play hard and have fun – but ultimately there can only be one champion! Watch today to see who it will be.

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GCSG-2016-70+-winning-tips-pbHear from the winners of this match.  At one point, the other team was ahead, and they decided to do one thing which helped them gain multiple points in a row. What did they do to secure the gold? Watch their Winning Tip now!


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  1. It’s nice to see the 70+ bracket represented in videos. I’m that age and enjoy seeing the best players my age. These were both good teams. Thanks.

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    • Hi Wally! Thanks for making a comment. The CAPCHA value is a math equation to help us know if you are a robot or not. Many times people program “robots” to add comments all over the internet on any kind of site to lead people to links with viruses, scams, etc. When you answer our math question you prove you’re human. Other sites will have wiggly letters that you have to read or even numbers in photos…things a computer program couldn’t do. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Just a clarification; It looks like Marylou is serving above the waist and with the paddle above her wrist. Isn’t that type of serve no longer permitted? Loved the game, but if the rules have changed we must abide by them regardless what age group we are in.

    • On her first serve of the match, and then on the next time she hits to the woman in the ad court, she has some kind of wrist flip like she’s trying to put topspin on the ball. She does it so fast that it’s hard to tell whether the contact is with the paddle head above her wrist or not. On her other serves, she definitely has the head below the wrist and I thought the contact was below her waist (belly button). She’s not getting any topspin even though she may think she is:). The only way you can get topspin on a serve and have it be legal is to let the ball drop pretty low and come up on the side of the ball so there’s a little topspin and a fair amount of sidespin.

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