Wow! This is some cool pickleball! Check out this fast rally with a crazy behind-the-back return from the GOLD 19+ Mixed Doubles Match at Grand Canyon State Games last week. Gigi LeMaster and Brian Ashworth are battling Sarah Ansboury and Dave Weinbach when Dave hits an awesome behind-the-back shot and then just keeps on playing!  This is a great point from a great game and an example of how athletic this sport can be! You’ve got to see it to believe it.  Look out for the full match and more coming soon only on Pickleball Channel.

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IMG_9911crop weinbach amazing getHere’s another fun save from Grand Canyon State Games 2015! Dave Weinbach somehow makes an amazing get during the Men’s 5.0 Doubles Gold Medal Match and then incredibly hits it cross court all the way to the corner of the kitchen. Watch in super slow-motion to really see the details and how close it was.  It was a great match with Justin Rodgers and Dave Weinbach vs. Steve Wong and Aspen Kern. Check out Amazing Get and Incredible Cross Court Shot!

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  1. Great way to get a beautiful Saturday morning started before heading to the courts. Thanks, this is some great action and good chemistry between the two players. I liked that he didn’t stand there and watch that great shot but was ready when it came back to him. Excellent playing!

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