This week we have two amazing singles matches from the 2021 US Open. They are amazing not just because they are great back and forth games, but because of the stories they give us.

In the women’s match, we see the familiar face of Irina Tereschenko.  While Irina has always done well in singles at the US Open, she’s never been able to overtake Simone Jardim. This year however, in a surprise upset, Irina beat Simone in the quarter finals. With her biggest obstacle out of the way, Irina found herself against the fresh face of Lea Jansen.  Lea may be newer to the Zing Zang Championship court, but this collegiate tennis player came to win. Check out this exciting Women’s Pro Singles GOLD match from the 2021 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships powered by Margaritaville.

Thanks to Drew Fellios, Melissa McCurley and Rusty Howes who give insight into the strategy of the battle. Pickleball Channel was pleased to partner with the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships to release this match to the entire world.

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