What’s an important shot that can make or break your game? It’s the third shot drop! Join us for this episode of Pickleball 411 as Rusty has the privilege of talking with top 5.0 player Wes Gabrielsen. Wes gives us the low down about this tricky shot, telling us why it’s important and how to use it. He lays out the proper technique in an easy to understand way and lines up some key steps for success when using the third shot drop. And he even gives a couple quick drills to help improve the shot through practice! Don’t miss this episode packed with helpful information. It could be the difference that pushes your game to the next level!

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  1. One of the Best n shortest Pball tips ever. I’m a visual learner. Excellent!

  2. I teach a lot of pickleball in Minnesota, I really liked Wes’s idea of practicing with the underhand toss first. It makes absolute sense to teach this way. I’m mad that I didn’t think of it myself! I’ll sure be using it with my students in the future.

  3. We know that serves must be underhand. But some players, instead of hitting it in a completely upward motion, start to make it slightly a sideways and upwards motion. Obviously at some point, if it’s too much sideways it’s illegal. How about a video illustrating when in such a progression, the “slight” sideways motion on a upwards serve becomes illegal.

  4. Excellent tip! I would also suggest that all of you see his body position in relation to the ball. Wes hits the ball SOFTLY in FRONT of his body. This allows for more accuracy. Many players hit the drop shot on the side as if it is a ground stroke. More chances of errors this way. Yoda

  5. Thanks for the great videos! We play pickleball in Bend Oregon all summer and in Lake Havasu City in the winter. Great tips!

  6. How do you compensate for the different speeds that come back to you. We play round robins every day and we don’t see the same type of play from game to game.


  7. When Wes first shared this, it was the drill that changed my 3rd shot drop. I had been struggling with it for months, until I started tossing it…BINGO! There it was! Now, when I teach the shot, the toss is how I start them. Thanks for sharing it again!

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