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Top 10 Most Amazing Pickleball Plays from Pickleball Channel

Get your friends and family excited about pickleball this holiday by showing them this TOP TEN LIST of videos highlighting Amazing Pickleball Plays! Around-the-post shots, rallies that go on forever, powerful smashes, this playlist is hot! These shots are from all different tournaments and all different athletes who give it their all just to get the point. With a collective […]

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Top 10 Most Popular Matches on Pickleball Channel

With over 860,000 views, check out the TOP TEN Most Popular Matches on Pickleball Channel. We’re counting down these matches that span multiple years, multiple tournaments and multiple players. These matches are the best of the best and include top players such as Jardim, Yates, Dawson, Weinbach, Moore, Gabrielsen, Ansboury and Rozpedski just to name a few! Binge watch your […]

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