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Help People Affected by Hurricane Ian

https://vimeo.com/756535955 The people of Florida and other states are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Ian and need our help. Please consider donating to the American Red Cross to help restore the affected people to rebuild their lives. The state of Florida has been particularly damaged and holds a special place for those of us who play pickleball as […]

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Greatest Pickleball Comeback Ever?

2019 marked the inaugural year for the Franklin Pickleball Masters hosted by Chicken N Pickle -Wichita. This was an invitation only pro tournament which means only a handful of the greatest pickleball players in the world were asked to compete in this brand new tournament, and with $10,000 on the line for a gold medal, the pros came ready for […]

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Pickleball gets burned by Seth Meyers

Ya Burnt is a hilarious segment on Late Night with Seth Meyers with short, quip-y burns on various topics surrounded by clever graphics making it easily digestible. This time pickleball makes the burner and it is delightfully hilarious. (Especially since Seth Meyers has played pickleball and confesses to enjoying it. 😃) Watch now.

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