Quick Tip: Take it at the Top

Senior pickleball pro Steve Dawson is back with another excellent Quick Tip to sharpen our pickleball skills and win more matches. Steve explains that many pickleball players tend to drive a ball off of a bounce from somewhere around their knees because it is natural and comfortable. However, that is often not the optimal place to hit the ball if you are trying to drive the ball down for a winner.

Here’s the problem, if you hit the pickleball from a lower spot in its arc of travel you will have to hit a lofty ball in order to clear the net and stay in bounds. Instead, what you might like to do is “Take it at the top,” meaning… hit the ball at the top of its arc. From here you have a much more favorable angle to drive that ball downwards. This gives you a much more aggressive shot.

Steve wraps up this week’s video well when he says “When you want to be aggressive on a bounced ball, take it at the top of the bounce and rip that sucker down into the court!”

Special Thanks To:

Steve Dawson

Rob Davidson

Bobby Riggs Racket and Paddle

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