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Do you want access to a pickleball pro to help improve your 3rd shot for FREE?  That’s what our whole new series, SKILLS & DRILLS, is all about.  Watch our host Rusty Howes and pickleball PRO Scott Moore show you what he teaches players across the country to improve their game. This week’s short and sweet video is a great way to improve the elusive THIRD SHOT DROP.  Scott demonstrates an easy drill using a Pickleball Tutor ball machine, including some strategical tips about where to aim the ball and how to hold your paddle. What’s easy is that you can do this simple drill with a partner or a ball machine. Watch it to find out how to master this element of the game and then reach new levels in your play.  Neutralize your opponent’s advantage and transition to the net more easily by practicing your third shot drop. Remember, if you want to improve your skills, you gotta do the drills!

Scott Moore is a Pro pickleball player and instructor. He was named the Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year in 2015, and in 2016 he won all 6 senior events at Nationals VIII as well as 3 at Tournament of Champions.

Check out Scott’s website at pickleballtrips.com. And like him on Facebook at facebook.com/pickleballScottMoore and facebook.com/pickleballtrips

For more information about the Pickleball Tutor Ball Machine, go to pickleballtutor.com

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Find the target rings we used in the video at oncourtoffcourt.com/target-rings-set-of-2

Special thanks to everyone involved for their support during the making of this video!

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pickleballskillsdrillsgraphicpbcWatch the very first episode of Skills and Drills! Check out this drill brought to you by Rusty and his invited guest, Scott Moore, top 5.0 pickleball player, who will show you how to improve your volley shot by drilling with a ball machine.  So watch now, share with your friends and remember…if you want to improve your skills, you gotta do the drills!

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