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  1. R J Gragg says:

    Pikleball at age 79 has kept me active and having fun with many new aquaintances.

    • Meredith Meredith says:

      Hi RJ – We have to approve each comment to make sure it’s ok which is why you don’t see your response right away when you type it in. You will be entered in the sweepstakes one time for sure! Thank you for participating!

    • Julie kanouse says:

      Pickleball is a great activity for people of all ages including seniors.

  2. R J Gragg says:

    Pikleball has kept me active and having fun with many new aquaintances.

  3. Jan kawecki says:

    I love pickleball many’s easy to’s easy to pick up a game by going to any pickle ball courts. As compared to tennis it’s easy on my body. it’s just so much fun send the people are always great.

  4. Jack Yeatts says:

    I love the fellowship of playing pickleball.

  5. Carolyn Daniels says:

    Exercise without thinking with sheer delight.

  6. Rob Schmidt says:

    I love pickleball because of the great workout I get. Coming off of knee replacement surgery I’ve lost 25 lbs playing pickleball and love the interaction and fun with my fellow competitors.

  7. Jack Hodges says:

    Have someone say to you…”Thanks. This game has changed my life.”

  8. Jay Readinger says:

    Teaching new folks to play for part of a session and then getting to play some great MXD games with my wife and friends.

  9. Rosemary Monsour says:

    Pickleball players are always welcoming new players and love to promote the game. It’s great fun.

  10. Rein Lemberg says:

    I love pickleball because it is a social game as well as offering competitive opportunities at my age (73). It has completely replaced racquetball that I played for decades.

  11. Brooks Temple says:

    The sheer JOY I feel playing the game…..the competition and great new friendships!

  12. pickleball is great because it keeps me active and gives me an opportunity to socialize and exercise with others who share my passion of the sport.

  13. Lorri Hibbert says:

    I like to hear, “Thanks for a great day. See you tomorrow.”

  14. Dorrie Hulsey says:

    Pickleball…..Is there anything else?

  15. Deborah Dewley says:

    I’m so grateful to discover pickle ball. It’s a great workout and a wonderful way to meet new friends while having a blast! Pickle ball has helped improve my general strength and brought joy to my life! Long live pickle ball!!!

  16. Donna Cooper says:

    I love that Pickleball challenges us to move and get to the ball. Oh what a feeling to pop that ball right back over the net one more time.

  17. Carol Amos says:

    Good for the soul, mind, heart and body! Neck up and neck down!

  18. Kelly Driver says:

    Our group has been amazed by the number of total strangers that have become our best friends on and off the court. We exercise together, laugh together, cheer for each other ( well..when they are playing on another court, of course) and even cry with each other. We are a pickleball family that loves to “stay out of the kitchen!!”

  19. James Hagler says:

    I retired from officiating basketball for 30 years when I lost my eyesight due to a detached retina and had given up on athletics until two things happened an amazing eye doctor who gave me special contacts and Pickleball came in to my life. I am now entered in tournaments and it makes me feel like I am back in the game of being an athlete. I spend my time cherishing the joy of new friends and foes. Pickleball has saved me and I will always give back to the sport.

  20. Rocky Clark says:

    Anne and I find pickleball the greatest way to meet a lot of new friends when traveling or renting a house for a month.

  21. Paula Tarleton says:

    I love pickleball because it is so much FUN. Sometimes I lay awake at night re-living points that were so doggone fun that I can’t let them go. That is, until the next time we get to play again!

  22. Brenda Lord says:

    My husband and I play pickleball in a local gym. It’s the one sport we both enjoy. We love the friendships we’ve made and how easy it was to learn the game. The best thing about pickleball is all the things about pickleball.

  23. Charles Lord says:

    I play pickleball because even at my age, I can. I have never been an avid sportsman except for fishing, but pickleball was so easy to learn. I enjoy meeting new friends making them old friends. Gotta go, pickleball is waiting.

  24. My male partner and I first watched Pickleball at the Huntsman World Senior Games and felt it would be another sport that was quite similar to Tennis, which we had both played for many years. We then added this new game into our registration process at the Games and have been playing it ever since. It’s a terrific game with benefits such as comradery, great workout, competition, and obviously, the fun of playing an exciting game with your friends! In addition, you also get to meet many new folks who eventually end up becoming new friends. Great Sport! Thanks to Congressman Prichard and his friends for providing so many of us the opportunity for a new adventure in Sports!!

  25. Rick Hooker says:

    Hi, The best thing about Pickleball is it keeps you moving, so you don’t get old !!
    You meet the nicest people playing Pickleball. Traveling to different states and playing with new players is great. It is great exercise and helps keep your mind active as well trying to keep up with the younger players. The older you get the more strategy is important to make up for the harder hitting and quicker young players. But it is possible to beat them !! I love that competition !!! I am on the waiting list trying to get to the Huntsman Games. Did not know it was going to fill up in just three days. WOW ! Hope to see you there.

  26. Linda Hume says:

    I love a competitive game that is easy on my knees.

  27. Why Pickleball
    More that 1.6 billion people in the world are either overweight or obese and the United States has the highest rate of obesity. America’s number one killer is cardiovascular diseases, which can easily be prevented by exercising. Exercise not only reduces the risk of health problems and various diseases, but it also has an effect on overall appearance. It is proven that exercising and being active can improve self-esteem and confidence. Exercising is one of the most important things in life and it can even be fun. It is a crucial element for living a healthier, longer, and happier life. Pickleball DOES accomplish this. When you are having fun you don’t realize you are exercising. Not to mention the friendships you create. Pickleball is extremely rewarding and worth while.

  28. Don Jackson says:

    Exercising is the most important thing in life and is fun. It is a crucial element for living a healthier, longer, happier life. Pickleball accomplishes this. When you’re having fun you don’t realize you are exercising. Not to mention the friendships you create. Pickleball is extremely rewarding and worth while.

  29. Marion Copping Lisehora says:

    I started playing 4 years ago at almost 80. I just returned from the USAPA Atlantic South Regional in NC where I played down to 75-79 MXD and won silver. I had an 80-84 partner for WD, but there were no others to play at either 80-84 or 75-79. Had to play 70+. Bummer! I want to play people my own age, and I believe Huntsman will have them! I want to go! I’m addicted to this game and drive 30-40 minutes to DE and MD towns every day to play! I am the oldest everywhere I play.

  30. Rein Lemberg says:

    Pickleball is a FUN sport, enjoyed by all ages. Seniors can play with grandchildren.

  31. Perry Young says:

    I’d like to think I’m ready for a tourney. PB is the one game that is great for all ages and skll levels. We’re hoping to develop it more in Calgary for both indoors and outdoors.

  32. Ben says:

    I’ve been playing and teaching Pickleball since 1980. I love the sport and enjoy watching others fall in love with it!

  33. Roz Garland says:

    For the first time in many years, I feel athletic again! I love pickleball so much…. for the new friends it has brought me, for the activity level it has pushed me to, for the mental strategy and psychology of playing competitively, and mostly for the FUN! As an ex-tennis with bad knees, I had almost given up finding anything that I could do and feel good about. Pickleball has fulfilled that place for me, and created a new passion in my life that keeps me going! Will be teaching beinners this spring and summer, and can’t wait to share it with others.

    Roz Garland

  34. Jody Gorran says:

    I’ll be 65 in September and I’ve never successfully played a court sport until Pickleball. I’ve taken tennis lessons and golf lessons but could never develop the skill level to actually play these games. I became a somewhat decent ping pong player but never felt the satisfaction that comes from playing pickleball. I might not be great at it, but I can play it and I enjoy it immensely.

  35. Wayne Skinner says:

    It’s nice to be able to play a sport with age &, yes I said it, weight related limited mobility. At last years Huntsmen game we saw people with 2 knee braces and & a little over weight, such as myself, limping around the park yet could play as well as anyone there. What a great sport.

  36. Pauline Owen says:

    The BEST thing for me about playing pickleball is the opportunity to partake in a sport that both my husband and I can enjoy together.

  37. Rich Cavallaro says:

    The comment that one hears most from new Pickleball players is how addictive the game is. It is easy to learn, challenging to master, and incorporates great social interactions. It is a game that men and women of all ages can play, and anything that is this much fun and at the same time gets us on our feet and out of our recliners can’t help but be good for us. I am relatively new to the game, and in my mid sixties, and only wish that I discovered the game years ago.

  38. Rein Lemberg says:

    I was amazed to find a group of pickleball fanatics playing in Mazatlan, Mexico. Being able to play with them while on vacation enabled me to avoid pickleball withdrawal symptoms.

  39. There are so many things to like about PB but the most important is the people you meet. Everyone is so friendly, even in competitive events. PB keeps you active, it keeps you fit and it keeps you coming back for more! Come join us at the British Columbia 55+ Games in North Vancouver in August, 2015.

  40. audrey sherfey says:

    filling out this form should be as easy as playing pickleball which allows me to push myself both mentally and physically while meeting active like-minded people.

  41. Stephanie McDonald says:

    The best thing about pickleball? When I was in high school, my identity and self-esteem were wrapped around being a successful athlete. On the playing field or court I felt strong and beautiful. Then came college, marriage, career, divorce, and raising kids alone, and I thought my days of being an athlete had long since passed. No time, energy, or money to spare. Both kids now college graduates and I am retired. Enter pickleball! I feel like an athlete again!!! I feel strong and beautiful on the court! My competitive spirit has been re-awakened! Look out world – here I come!

  42. PJ Jaffe says:

    I like the competition, the social aspect and just plain fun. It allows us older people to be competitive again.

  43. Tony Girodo says:

    Iwe have met a lot of great people and form several lasting friendships over the last 6 years playing pickleball. I enjoy the fact that my wife Marilyn and I both play the game. It keeps me in decent shape as well as gives me incentive to try improving my game.

  44. Let’s see. What do I BEST love about pickleball? How can I answer this: I love the laughter, spontaneity, the challenge, the absorption, the friendships, the workout, the urge to improve. It’s absolutely the most fun sport I’ve ever tried, and keep trying after 9 years!!!!

  45. Pickleball is simply the most FUN game I’ve ever tried.

  46. james berger says:

    Pickleball was an ‘athletic diamond’ waiting to be discovered—and although it has been nearly 50 years since its inception—many, including myself, have included it as a significant activity in our lives.

  47. Jean K. Martin says:

    Started playing Pickleball in December 2013. I setup 3 to 6 courts each weekday morning during the winter months, 0730 – 1130, depending on the number of players that show up. Outdoor play is during the summer months. Waking up each day to Pickleball is my morning motivator. This is the best way to start off my day by getting a workout by keeping me active and healthy. Pickleball is also a great means of socializing and meeting new people. Once you play Pickleball, you just get addicted and it becomes part of your life style. It is a sport that any age can play.

  48. Jim Gourley says:

    Pickleball Is Simply Fun. Its Fun To Play And Fun To Interact With The Many Wonderful People You Meet. Not To Mention The Added Benefit Of Healthy Exercise.

  49. Kim Jagd says:

    Love the strategy, competition, and it’s easy on an old professional athlete with lots of joint damage and surgeries!

  50. Dan Long says:

    There are many good things about pickle all: the people you meet are always friendly, the exercise keeps you active. But the best thing about pickleball is that it is fun.

  51. Jeff Jackson says:

    pickleball is a “awesome” sport and you meet alot of awesome people along the way! ☺

  52. Rein Lemberg says:

    The best part of pickleball is the camaraderie among our players.

  53. Rein Lemberg says:

    Our pickleball club of 400 has many tournaments, mixers, and seasonal parties.great opportunities to meet people and make new friends.

  54. Ramona Pound says:

    Pickleball….the name and the game make you smile!

  55. Michael Leeper says:

    I love PICKLEBALL. It has changed my life, given me a reason to get moving and be social. This is so much better than the hours spent in a gym that I am in better shape, lost 35 pounds and am having a blast. Being blessed with new friends and skills that are coming back after 40 years of work work work has made me a PICKLEBALL advocate. Big thank you to all the PICKLEBALL community.

  56. Douglas Taylor says:

    The greatest people in the world play pickleball.

  57. I have two favorite things about Pickleball. First is the fun and friendships that develop so naturally with playing the game. Second, is being able make one of those super shots and having it lol like I did it on purpose.

  58. Phil Rowan says:

    One often hears the observation, “I just play Pickleball for the fun of it.” One other equally stated point is, “You meet the nicest people playing our sport of Pickleball.” Both comments are true as far as they go, particularly the last one in my experience. However, I’ve never believed or accepted the first. Yes, it is fun to play Pickleball, but it’s even more fun to WIN playing Pickleball. I believe in every Pickleball player deep down there beats the heart of a warrior just itching to beat whoever is across the net from them. Oh, sure it’s nice to be cordial and a good sportsman, but “winning is everyting” as Vince Lombardi used to say, and he was right, it just probably is not “PC” to say so these days. Well, I do say so!! The sweetest words for a committed player is always, “Zero Zero Start!” That always gets your heart pumping. Pickle On! all you warriors out there!

  59. Rein Lemberg says:

    Age is not limiting…in our super seniors tournament, open to 70 and older, we had 65 players register, of whom 8 were in the 80+ age bracket!

  60. Paul Jones says:

    I like pickleball because it keeps me active in my retirement years (and beyond!).

  61. Nancy Shuttleworth says:

    I like pickleball because it keeps me active.

  62. Camille Caron says:

    I expect to play pickleball for many, many years.

  63. Jeff Caron says:

    Pickleball is a sport that my wife and I can enjoy for many years.

  64. Michelle Caron says:

    I fell in love with the game when my grandfather introduced me to it.

  65. Kaitey Caron says:

    I went to visit grandpa and he said “Let’s go and play pickleball”. I had never played it before, but couldn’t wait until the next day to play it again. Such fun!

  66. Al Womac says:

    Pickleball Enhances Life

    Pickleball is a social game and laughter is as much a part of the game as is a well placed drop shot to the kitchen. Who doesn’t want to play a sport that has an aerobic component, or a part that enhances eye/hand coordination and reaction time? I cannot forget to mention the social aspect of the game….this part teaches compassion for others and how to get along with those who are able to play our sport.

  67. Gerry Vagos says:

    While playing pickleball, I never feel like I’m in a pickle and I always have a ball! It is as easy as paddling downstream and I am not allowed to go in the kitchen….life is good!

  68. Rosie Roper says:

    Pickleball has been an all around life changer. Not only has my health improved but the people I have met during my journey have just sparked a willingness to continue enjoying this sport and the community that is involved in encouraging others, young and not so young.
    The energy and enthusiasm exuded by these sportspersons is wonderful.
    Thank you all for spreading life and fun !

  69. Rosie Roper says:

    This game is so much FUN!

  70. Carole Houghton says:

    We’ve met an unbelievable number of new friends both at home and as winter snowbirds. The game easily crosses generations. It is wonderful to play with grandkids, kids, and peers. Keeps us young!

  71. Rein Lemberg says:

    What a fun way to stay fit.

  72. Mashell Retherford says:

    I love that pickleball is a combination of socializing, being active, addictive, competitive sport, and just FUN!!!

  73. Steve Owens says:

    Pickleball is a great sport to keep fit. It helps keep the eye hand coordination working. Really helps me out with my softball game.

  74. Christina Harrah says:

    I love being able to have fun playing Pickleball and meeting people that share the same interests. Where better to be able to enjoy the great outdoors
    than in St. George, UT.

  75. Helen Koh says:

    I have played competitive badminton since I was a teenager and am now playing it at senior levels. At my first try at Pickleball, I fell in love with it and would give up some of my badminton days for it. I am an athlete and Picklebll is now my favorite sports. It is less demanding of the body parts like knees and backs, but it provides excitement and fulfills the needs to keep fit and young.

  76. Michel Martel says:

    Pickleball gives you the chance to socialize and have fun while keeping fit and most important are the fine touches that you need with the third shot and low net play that keeps not only your body, but you mind alert to fight old age.

  77. Roz Hobbs says:

    Best part about Pickleball are the people we meet!

  78. Michel Martel says:

    Pickleball gives you the chance to socialize and have fun,while the fine touches of the third shot and low net play keeps your body and mind fit and alert as you approach the golden ages.

  79. David Redding says:

    Competition and Camaraderie, baby!!!

  80. Mike Cote says:

    Pickleball…it must be some mysterious “magic dust” that little pb elves sprinkle into each new pickleball. Otherwise, how could the sport be so appealing to so many. It is addictive!
    Even if research becomes extensive, I doubt that a cure for “Pickleball Fever” will ever be found.

  81. Helen Koh says:

    I have played competitive badminton since I was a teenager and today I still compete in the senior level. when I had my first go at Pikleball, I fell in love with it and badminton is now my second favorite sport. Pickleball is less demanding on the body but provides fitness with quick movements and some hard shots. Most important is as we approach old age, the fine touches at the third shot and finesse at the low net shots keep our minds alert and strong.

  82. Janet Crosby says:

    Pickleball has given someone like me, who is shyer and was content to do more solitary activities, a sport where I can hardly wait to get on the courts and interact with people and I have a blast doing it. I can’t get enough!

  83. Leanne Smith says:

    I love everything about Pickleball. I love the players, they are friendly, helpful, fun, and I have met players all over the country and it is the same everywhere I go play. I love the game, getting exercise, laughing, tournaments, social, what ever you want it to be. I am so glad I found Pickleball it has opened up a whole new world for me. I can’t imagine life without Pickleball.

  84. Essie Faria says:

    P have played and competed in almost every sport and at 80 I have found the one sport everyone can play together and have lots of fun. Age is wonderful being young but much more appreciated when older and still capable. Essie Faria

  85. Essie Faria says:

    I have played and competed in almost every sport, Long distance running, Track $Field, Race walking and Table Tennis but I at 80 am having more fun being able to play with such great competitors. Winning is great but loving to be on the court is marvelous

  86. Essie Faria says:

    AT 80 hat could be more fun that to love and enjoy Pickleball

  87. Sandi Gunn says:

    Whether you are old, young, male, female, any race, religion or political leaning, pickleball welcomes you like an old friend. America’s fasting growing sport is also America’s most inclusive sport. That is what is so great about pickle ball.

  88. Andy Tesluk says:

    Pickleball has become my passion! It is great to be able to play this sport all year round and almost anywhere I go. It is great to visit other clubs and share the friendship! It would be much nicer to play in the Huntsman rather than fight the Huntsman spider in Australia!

  89. Bill Kanouse says:

    Thirty seven years of my life was consumed with my job. I had no real active hobbies and one day I found myself retired and living in St George, Utah. Out of shape and pretty much lost. Suddenly I found myself playing pickleball. Wow, what a change. I have met people from all over the USA and Canada. It has given me a purpose. It is a great sport that everyone can enjoy from either the social level or the competitive level. Where was it 50 years ago?

  90. Frieda Vanherck says:

    we came to Canada from Belgium two years ago , I played lots of sports in Belgium . I May 2013 I found a new group of friends that played pickleball a sport that I had never heard from, but as soon as I started to play I got addicted , what a wonderful sport it is , for all ages and a great way to make new friends all over the world, that’s one of the reasons I would like to join the Huntsman games as well

  91. Shirley Waterhouse says:

    Pickleball is my opiate of choice, it keeps me active, healthy, and laughing while meeting new friends! It’s a WIN WIN WIN!

  92. J E Southerland says:

    That’s EASY …. It’s the PEOPLE !!!!!!

  93. Ken Werner says:

    Have been playing Pickleball a little over 2 years, and have begun playing tournaments mainly in the Great Lakes area. I have enjoyed taking up a new sport, and developing from a beginner to an intermediate/advanced player. I am enjoying learning the nuances and strategies to get to the “next level”. I have heard that the Huntsman Games is a great tournament, and would look forward to participating in it.

  94. Jeanne Hunt says:

    Pickleball is the BEST of all sports! It’s fun, fast, and friendly. It can be played by young and “more mature”. It’s the best weight loss program ever! Come and find new friends! No big expense, no worries, just pure enjoyment!

  95. Dan Wheeler says:

    My newest passion. Have enjoyed seeing the game grow like wildfire here in the Philadelphia area. Have enjoyed traveling around the country for tournaments.

  96. My husband and I have met so many nice people[and refs]from all over the country and our neighbors from the north. They have become life long friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. JeanO says:

    Walking down the long hallway toward the gym, (Minnesota in winter!), and hearing the crack of the pickleball on the paddle…..I feel like a dog who hears the word “Squirrel!”


  99. Dan says:

    It means a great way to exercise while having fun. It is a terrific way to meet a wonderful group of people.

  100. Monica M says:

    The best thing about pickleball is all of the new friends I’ve made since I started playing one year ago this week!

  101. Spike Christensen says:

    Does this mean you took 5 entries that could have gone to 5 players that used the correct channels to use as your promotional use? If so, this what is wrong with pickleball.

    • Meredith Meredith says:

      Hi Spike,

      I wasn’t sure if you wanted to enter or not based on your comment. Here is what Kyle Case, CEO of the Huntsman World Senior Games says about our Sweepstakes which he posted on our Facebook timeline, but I’m posting it here for your convenience:

      “We consider each of our sponsors real partners to the Games. Honestly, we couldn’t put on the event without them. They offset the expenses of running the Games by as much as 40%, which is a direct savings to each of our athletes. One of the perks that we give sponsors, in appreciation for their support and help, is free entries into the Games. Most of our sponsors, rightly so, hold on to these entries and use them themselves to register for the Games. We love that, and think it’s great that some of our athletes are also our sponsors.

      Hyland’s, as a sponsor of our Pickleball event, wanted to give their entries back to the athletes. Which we also think is great. Normally this would have been done during the regular registration period. The fact of the matter is that no one anticipated Pickleball filling up so fast. Who would have guessed it would have taken less than three days to register over 500 people? Anyway, they’ve decided to have a little fun with it and offer their entries back to the athletes in a sweepstakes.

      At this point, we can’t guarantee anything, but we’re going to do our best to get as many people in the tournament as we can.”

      Hope this information helps answer your question. Can you email us back and let us know if you want to enter the Sweepstakes?

      Thank you,
      Pickleball Channel

  102. Rein Lemberg says:

    I can play with all ages…such fun to see youngsters scooting around the court.

  103. Eileen Tippets says:

    Great way to meet new people and make friends! I just love the game :) Cant play enough
    I am on the waiting list and I really want to play!

  104. Lynn Wagner says:

    My husband and I enjoy meeting and becoming part of a friendly, national, informative Pickleball community. We’ve met so many players who are willing to share their knowledge about all aspects of the game and available tournament options throughout the country.

  105. Beth Black says:

    I love pickle ball because it is so all inclusive; great exercise, great people, great camaraderie, great use of mind and body, great use of time and just a great time!!!!!

  106. Beth Black says:

    I love the people, the fun, the exercise, the whole shebang!!

  107. David says:

    Pickleball allows all ages to learn a new racquet sport that moves both quickly and slowly but easy on the joints of us aging people. Short games to 11 allow quick changed to new opponents who can help with learning news skills and strategy for playing better. The eagerness of seasoned players helping other and new players it the best of any sport I have participated in playing from tennis to racquet ball to ping pong. Come on out and give it a try! You will find yourself comfortable with returning the ball in just 10-15 minutes, then you just want to play more and more and….. enjoy!

  108. Dale Brower says:

    Pickleball has given my wife a new lease on life! She had both knees replaced recently and already back on the court loving every minute. Finally something we can do together! So cool to see her enjoying the social, physical and mental aspects of the game and just being outdoors with yours truly.

  109. Doug Herdt says:

    The best thing about Pickleball are the rallies. No other racquet sport matches the length of rallies. You also build great friendships and rally around those new friends.

  110. Debbie Ladig says:

    Such a great workout for the quads, not to mention, that the players get to help referee matches in between matches, which allows players to meet and interact with players from other divisions.
    However, the huge attraction for me, is the the way the draw is constructed. Double elimination, with the chance to recover from a bad match, and still be able to come back around and win the tournament. It really adds to the competitive element. So much fun!!!!

  111. Nancy Shuttleworth says:

    pickleball keeps me in shape while having fun.

  112. Nancy Shuttleworth says:

    i play Pickleball with my grandchildren.

  113. Nancy Shuttleworth says:

    I got my son and daughter-in-law hooked on the game.

  114. Camille Caron says:

    pickleball is my cardio and social activity.

  115. Nancy Shuttleworth says:

    i love playing in our ladies’ league.

  116. Scott Shuttleworth says:

    having reached 50, I look forward to Huntsman.

  117. Tim Kuss says:

    There are 10 BEST Things:

    Great FUN!

    Keeps us Young

    Great Exercise for Body, Mind and Spirit

    Makes us more Sexy

    Motivates us to Improve

    Increases Endorphins and healthy Neurotransmitters

    Find a game wherever we travel

    Builds Camaraderie

    Promotes Teamwork and Community

    Meet the Best People on Earth!

  118. Scott Shuttleworth says:

    my family and I will be playing Pickleball on our new court.

  119. Alia Shuttleworth says:

    tried Pickleball at our local courts. Loved it so much we converted the badminton court on our property to Pickleball as well.

  120. Don Grueser says:

    Love the excitement and strategy of a good game.

  121. Trish Grueser says:

    I really like the social, physical, and excitement aspect pickleball offers.

  122. Terry Taylor says:

    Let me fist say what the “worst” thing is about Pickleball: I didn’t sign up for it in the upcoming Huntsmans which I now regret. But the “best” thing about the game might be summed up as follows:

    To try and throw a Huntsman strike,
    Of Pickleball, here’s what I think,
    There’s nothing quite on earth just like
    A well-placed, patent, cross-court dink.

  123. Jeannie says:

    Finally found the love of my life at age 64. Where have you been all this time my little round yellow friend? More muscles, stronger heart and a new lease on life. Best thing ever!! I love you.

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